3 Fitness Exercises For A Firm Achterwerk

Beautiful buttocks, women and men look like they have love to. But as you may also know everyone else in terms of body type. One lucky with a great ass while the other has to do with anything less.

Do not despair if you are not satisfied with your butt because you can also fine tackle this part of your body, but as long as you consistently and with conviction does.

I’ll tell you a few exercises you can do to make you get better bottom for the day.

Fitness exercises: squats

The best way to train is to perform squat exercises your gluteus maximus (the gluteus maximus muscle).

Squats is not only great for your butt, so it is a good exercise to strengthen your core and leg muscles and shape.

You can squat on multiple ways, for example by working with dumbbells or by placing a bar on your shoulders.

The position of your feet is very important when doing squats, the closer you put them together, the more the emphasis on the front of your keep (quadriceps). Put your feet farther apart than is the emphasis on your hips and buttocks.

While doing quats it is always important that you are well on your technique and form note. If you have the use of free weights effort you can alternatively the leg press machine use. The only downside is that your core muscles than barely taxed.


Fitness exercises: lunges

Another exercise that is good for dealing with your buttocks are doing lunges (off). This is also the reason that many fitness models and famous now they do.

There are several variations you can do, so you have include the ongoing lunge sideways lunge, stationary lunge and the dynamic lunge.

Take for example the stationary lunge, here you stand with two dumbbells that you keep beside your body. Bring one of your legs forward while keeping your balance preservation. Bend both legs and let gravity take you down.

The knee of your front leg should not neglect to get your toe during the exercise and that of your back should almost touch the ground. Once you have done this you’ll be quiet again and bring up your front leg back to your starting point.

Now do the same but with your other leg forward and repeat several times.


Fitness exercises: deadlifts

You can also deadlifts do, they are not only good for your glutes, but also for your hamstrings and lower back.

When you start the exercise is the bar for you, now put your feet shoulder width apart and let them slightly outward.

Bend forward from the hips and lower yourself until the rod is at shin height. Now grab the rod and lift up the strength to do this process results from your legs .

Pay attention to your posture and technique, so you need to keep the rod during exercise near your legs.

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