Bodybuilding Women & How You Being Ripped

The roles of men and women in our society sometimes will differ . Some examples are: men go hunting and gathering women; working men and women standing in the kitchen and take care of the children; muscular men should see and slim women.

Many of these roles are fortunately changing, but it can still occur that when a woman says you want to bodybuilding, you’re crazy looked.

Yet a bodybuilding women as good an athlete as a male bodybuilder, so do not press as a woman in a booth and do what you feel like.

Do you want to know more about the history of bodybuilding women, I recommend you to continue reading because I will tell you the history of this sport.


History of bodybuilding women

The first bodybuilding competitions for women were around in 1960, but you could barely understand under bodybuilding competitions. Physically, Miss and Miss America were namely contests where the lake turned to the appearance of women than their muscularity .

The first real race where women really were judged on the basis of bodybuilding standards was in 1978.

It was and is still contemporary look at four key areas, namely: muscle mass, symmetry, proportions and body fat percentage . The appearance was no longer the most important where it turned.

In 1980, the first national competition for women was held and also became the first Ms. Olympia (Rachel McLish) selected, though this was still about 15 years later than the first Mr. Olympia (Larry Scott) election.


Bodybuilding women: the emergence of

When it comes to the sport bodybuilding hot women have great progress made ​​in recent years. Especially because advertising such as ads in Playboy, was the sport since the 80s a lot of attention and this only increased over the years.

Nowadays bodybuilding women are taken very seriously and you see women combine great body with a nice amount of muscle.


Bodybuilding women: let them more l * ked items

However, you will always hear people calling who claim that women are weaker than men.

seen actually they are right, because this has to do with hormones. The fact is that men have more testosterone, the hormone for muscle building, have in their bodies than women.

Women are just more of the hormone estrogen in them and this can lead to excess fat. For men, it is therefore easier to pure grow muscle mass and this might discourage you as a woman, do not let this happen!

Another reason you might skip strength training is that you want to be fit and slim, but are afraid that you will be too muscular. However, the growing muscles just a perfect way to lose fat in problem because muscles help your metabolism .

So, you want to be a bodybuilding women, you realize right then that you will have to work hard and that you may encounter critical people, but you practice a sport that is taken very seriously by a large audience.

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