Flat Stomach Exercises You & How to Get Sexy Belly

Flat stomach exercises more than just exercises

I’ll give you first some tips to achieve that flat stomach.

You can do countless crunches till you drop, but if there is over a layer of fat over the muscles you’ll never see your abs.

Besides exercises you should also cardio do. For example, during running, cycling or swimming raise your heart rate and your metabolism will level up so you burn more fat.

Or you’ll see your muscles not only depends on exercises and cardio, but also for a large part of your diet .

so pay attention to what you eat, how many calories you’re getting into and how many good and bad fats. Good fats, or unsaturated fats, are basically nothing wrong, and therefore you do not have to leave, but bad (saturated) fats make you fat.

To ensure that you do not eat too much important that you try to eat at set times.If you only going to eat if you often eat more hunger than necessary, so try to avoid this.

A number of well-chosen meals a day and some extra exercise for about half an hour will make you fat (fat) decreases and you have flat stomach exercises visible effect.


Flat stomach exercises, what can you do?

Now that you know this, we can move on to the flat stomach exercises . These exercises (sit-ups, crunches, bicycle exercise, shelf) you can do almost anywhere, so the excuse that you do not have time to go to the gym is rubbish. All you need is a piece of floor to lie on!

When you do an exercise often, then this will have an effect on these muscles, but if you always do the same exercises, then you will not achieve optimal results.

When training your stomach, it is therefore also important that you perform different exercises in different positions , where you change your monthly routine. With variation Achieve better results than if you each time but again does 50 crunches.

Sit-ups and crunches are often performed incorrectly, so they often have little effect and sometimes cause physical symptoms. Many people take for instance arrive at the feet of their neck or head, or rebel against the ground with their shoulders or backs.

So it may be that you can do 50 crunches without feeling your stomach, but after 10 already get short of your neck. Once this happens you should stop and try something else. When you perform the exercise in a different way than just using your abs, then you do it namely wrong.

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