So You Train Your Muscles Fast With A (Private) Elastic!

Muscle training with elastic resistance

Perhaps you ever noticed in the gym, people who are getting started with elastics.Why would you do this when you can have or machinery at your disposal working with weights, you might ask.

Well, because these elastics are perfect for training your muscles .

They are also practical and, for while the equipment you want to use may be busy, you can almost always get started with your elastic resistance.


make yourself?

You can also perfect training at home with a rubber band, but for that you are going to do this I want to give you some information about the elastic.

Not all elastic is in fact the same, as there are resistance elastics available in different sizes and resistance levels. Most have handles, but there are also elastic loop that resemble large rubber elastics.

How do you come to a rubber band? Well this is easy, because buying an elastic resistance (also called stretch cord or body tube) is simple via the Internet at a cost of around twenty euros.

However, you also can create your own elastic . For example, in a shop selling sailing equipment you can buy suitable elastics for a few euros.

The handles make two pieces of pipe of a centimeter or fifteen. For variety you can make rubber bands of various lengths and thicknesses.

To determine the length of your elastic you ensure that your handles to the height of your pelvis when you stand in the middle of the elastic.


Advice before you start training your muscles

For your home actually your muscles start training I want to do some of the security imparting advice : always check before doing your exercises with elastic or everything is secure.

For example, you confirm your elastic to a door, then it’s best to snatch a couple of times hard on the door handles and see if there locking pins in it.

If you make yourself elastic you do need to make sure you have good buttons puts the handles, because you obviously do not want the elastic snaps suddenly during exercise.


Exercises for your muscles

Now to the point which is obviously the most important, effective exercises you can do with elastic. There are many, but I will highlight some effective elastic exercises for you at a glance. Depending on your level you do some two to which sets of 8 to 25 repetitions per exercise.

Standing bicep curl

Stand on the middle of your rubber band with your feet hip-width apart. Now Grab both handles and start with your hands as low as possible. In order to keep tension on your muscles you have your elbows but never stretch at all. Span your upper arms and bend your arms so you bring the handles to your chest.

Two arm chest fly

Requires well confirms good elastic. Put one leg forward and make sure you’re right. Bend your arms slightly and bring them back. If all is well you now feel stretch in your chest muscles.

Bring your arms forward with extending them all without upper body go forward.

back row

Unpack the attached elastic solid again and put one leg forward (back right). Now keep your elbows and forearms horizontally and move your shoulder blades together. Try the movement to maximize off without you draw from your lower back.

Standing shoulder press

Stand on the rubber band with your feet hip-width apart. Grasp the handles and bring both arms at the height of your shoulders. Thrust your arms all the way out to the top (watch out that your elbows are not overstretched during ejection).

front squat

The front squat is a great exercise for your quadriceps. Go to your rubber band with your feet slightly apart (slightly further than your shoulders) and keep the center of the rubber band between your feet.

Grasp the handles and bring the end of your elastic above your shoulders, keep your elastic in place by crossing your arms at chest level. Then you put forward a zitbeweging your chest and booty muscles tense. What is important is that you push past your toes knees.

leg extension

The leg extension exercise is an excellent elastic exercise for your quadriceps. To do this exercise, you attach one end of your elastic on a wall close to the ground and the other end around one of your ankles.

Then you go with jet backs are to the wall (feet hip width) and straighten your knee to your leg sticking straight. After doing 15 repetitions alternating your leg.


To perform this exercise you position your rubber band around your legs just above your knees. Now Lie on your back and position your knees at a 90 degree angle. Then spread your knees two to three seconds while also simultaneously tightening your glutes.

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