The Best Fitness Exercises By Muscle Group!

Fitness exercises subdivide

Your muscles can be divided into the following: arms, chest, back, shoulders, legs and others. Each of these muscle groups does have a number of exercises that can achieve the best results. When you exercises incorporated into your fitness training success is almost guaranteed.


Fitness exercises for your arms

The first muscle group that I’m starting his arms, which fitness exercises are best for this?

Acceleration test (also referred to as pull-up or chin-up). When performing this exercise with your palms toward your face, you can train your biceps perfect.

Close grip bench press . This exercise creates tremendous weight on your triceps. Grab the rod at shoulder width and printing only.

Dips . With it you can very well develop the triceps (also your chest). Dip is an exercise with a certain injury risk, so dip too deep.

Barbell curls . This exercise is for your biceps. To perform properly the barbell curls suit you privately up a barbell, about shoulder width. Raise the barbell up to about shoulder height with your elbows in it. As a result, comes to lie, the weight of the barbell on the biceps. Hold the barbell a few seconds and then lower the barbell until your arms are fully extended.


Fitness exercises for your chest

You will probably not find surprising, but the best exercise for your chest is naturally bench press .

Incline bench press is a variation on bench press, the difference lies in the fact that you can now put your bench at an angle of 30 or 40 degrees. You now trains the top of your chest muscles, but also your shoulders. How right is to allow the bench, the more you train your shoulder muscles.

Dumbbell bench press . Basically this is the same as bench press, you only enter now only the exercise with dumbbells. This requires a bit more concentration because you have to pay more attention to the balance. Just as with the bench press you can with dumbbells incline training.


Fitness exercises your back

Deadlifts are perfect for creating a broad back. Noting however good your posture and technique to prevent injuries.

The barbell row is an effective exercise for the major muscle groups in your back and can also contribute to better posture and stature, due to the appeal of the stabilizing muscles of your upper body. Instead of the barbell, you can also do it with dumbbells (dumbbell row).

You can also use the back of your Power clean do (to beat). This lets you jump to the pole by a quick thrust of your hips, knees and ankles. If the rod is at its highest point, bend your legs and rotate your lower the bar so that you are holding something under your chin the bar.


Fitness exercises for your shoulders

Military press . Here the bar from the top of your chest to your face is largely the upright posture of the upper body and is charged from above your head. You can also press the push to do what you start movement by a punch from your legs.

Be the exercises also are (seated) and carrying the rod to pass behind your head (eg Seated behind the neck presses, allows you train the back of your shoulders).

As with the other muscle groups, you can also opt for dumbbells instead of the barbell.


Fitness exercises for your legs

The exercise for your legs is the squat , allows you train alongside your leg muscles even further in a good way your glutes.

If there is no possibility of squats is present, you can also for Leg press go. Here you go sit with bent knees and place your feet on a platform. The weight you have set up your press down with your legs.

Lunges (trips) are also very good for your legs. You can run them without or with additional weights to put more pressure on your legs.


Other fitness exercises

A six-pack is definitely wrong, so for beautiful abs you best sit ups do. The moment you can do pretty much one after another without any difficulty you are going to make it heavier.

For example, go to work on an incline bench, or enter them using weights. Hold a weight on your chest while doing the exercise and if it is easier, you can increase the weight.

You can also Shrugs run to train your trapezius (rhomboid muscle on top of the back). Grab the dumbbells and stand upright. Let the dumbbells hang on the side of your body and pull your shoulders up, keep them at the highest point briefly fixed and lower them again.

By doing the Cable crunch you train your entire middle abdominal region. The exercise, run with the help of a rope. Sit down for a pulley and grab the rope on your knees. Pull the rope down until your hands over your face are.

Go down to your torso while you pulls the rope and eventually come up again. The idea is that you keep throughout the exercise stress on your abs.

Another exercise for the abdominal muscles, but this time the oblique, side bends. To perform this exercise, a dumbbell is used.

To train your calves can Calf raises (calf raise) do. Are you not satisfied with the outcome of calf raises you can donkey raises even give a chance.

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