What You Should Do If Bodybuilder To Matches To Win!

Bodybuilding is more than just big muscles

Many people have an opinion about ready bodybuilders and matches in which they participate, they often think that these runs only to the size of your muscles.However, this idea is not entirely correct.

During a match you will be judged on your body. Do you want to join a game you will have to pay attention to several points:

– Your muscle mass : it should be clear that in fact only can participate in bodybuilding competitions where you have decent amount of muscle mass.

Symmetry : during competition looks at the difference the left and right side of your body. It is of course intended that this is visible as little as possible.

Relationships : where is looked at is whether your body is in proportion, this means that, for example suit your legs in size to fit your upper body and your arms at your torso.

You can see so far points mentioned as something you time (months, years) are doing and should always watching, even if you do not take part in bodybuilding competitions.

Train you for a match, then there is a fourth and very important point the important thing, namely your body fat percentage . Here you focus on in the last part of your preparation for the match.

Your fat percentage you should be as low as possible and nutrition plays a major role. The purpose of the lowering of your body fat percentage is to show your muscles as well as possible.


Preparation for a bodybuilder

The preparation usually takes three to four months. Besides your daily training of about two hours, which makes your strength training and cardio, nutrition is a crucial factor.

You’ll have to weigh yourself every week and have to measure your fat to track your progress. Based on these measurements, you adjust your diet if necessary.

To lose weight you need to diet and should eat less than your body needs for energy. Normally, you may eat as a bodybuilder around 4000 calories a day and you have a body fat percentage of 14%.

If you participate in a contest you with this percentage certainly not up high and therefore you should reduce calories to 2400 calories per day for example, with a fat content of around 3% as a result.

Have your energy intake should reduce by gradually get within less carbohydrates and fats. Your protein intake you keep it constant.

Because you’re going to eat less can it will have on your daily functioning effect, so it can happen that you are very tired and you can not concentrate as well.

By your lack of energy will also be difficult to train. Training for a race requires a lot of your body and you will therefore mentally strong to be as a bodybuilder to keep going with your preparation.


Maintain glycogen!

After your period of diets have you hopefully it fat where you aspired to reach, but this does not mean that your body is ready for the competition. Because you use your program, you need to do as well as your energy reserves (glycogen) stored in the muscles during your diet.

This is because glycogen besides serving energy also determine the volume of your muscles because you’ve exhausted see stock your muscles are less significant.

To your muscles look big do you throw your diet about 3 days before the game and then you supplement glycogen stores . This is done mainly by eating carbohydrates (eg rice with honey and raisins).

Your muscles will store carbohydrates as glycogen. If you also happen no more training than you use as little as possible and glycogen is stored as much as possible during these days. This way you’ll have some kilos for the game without affecting your body fat percentage.

The extra kilos that you generate can make the difference in this method between first and last place.


Final step for the bodybuilder

The last thing the game does is make you look minimize moisture between your muscles and skin. You get out to dry by yourself together.

So you can one day before the match, a diuretic supplement take you to and from the evening before the game nothing more to drink when you’re on stage.

In this process of drying yourself is important that you do not start too early and that you supplement your fluid as soon as possible after the game.


Slack bodybuilder?

It may sound crazy, but when you’re training for a bodybuilding contest, you work to speak to you low. Where you at many sports at the time of a match are correct in top form you stand as a bodybuilder during a bodybuilding contest malnourished and dehydrated on stage .

You look on stage may be big and muscular, but in fact you when you is very weak and takes himself tightening your muscles already struggling.

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