5 Tips to Improve your Sports Performance

You might be a basketball player that needs more bounce, or a soccer player who lacks stamina, whatever your sport, there are ways that you can improve your performance. Of course, professional help is advised and with that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to boost your performance when you play your chosen sport.

  1. Watching videos of your play – Get a friend to take some video of you in action and watching this can show you a different perspective; you may notice odd things that you didn’t know you were doing and with some awareness, you can make positive changes.
  2. Hire a personal trainer There is a fitness coaching program in Frenchs Forest and you can enlist the help of a personal trainer to identify your weaknesses, then the expert can set an exercise and training regime to address the matter. Of course, the fitness pro wants to know more about you, including your current fitness levels and what you think is needed to improve your game.
  3. Train harder – It could be that you simply aren’t putting the hours in; this is understandable of you have a heavy work schedule, yet the fact remains that practice makes perfect and training with your team mates is a very important part of developing your skills as a player. The team coach can always give you advice for extra training; he or she might have other teams that you could train with on days when your team are not scheduled to train.
  4. Drink protein whey shakes – Most athletes do drink protein shakes, as this is one of the best ways to deliver extra energy and the protein you need to build muscle mass. Search online for health supplements and you will find a supplier that has other fitness boosting products.
  5. Consider making some changes – If you play golf, think about changing your grip or your stance, while a tennis player might look at their service and see what could be improved. Ask your team coach for their considered opinion on your style of play, which might yield results.

All of the above can help an athlete to better their game and if you are serious about getting fitter and healthier, why not talk to a fitness professional? He or she is trained to help their clients reach their fitness goals and your team coach can also offer the best advice.

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