All You Need To Know About The EVLA Treatment

EVLA is called by different names such as EVLT, ELVes, VeinSeal, depending on the laser manufacturer. It is a minimally invasive procedure that closes varicose veins in a person’s body to restore proper blood circulation.  This procedure cures the twisted bulging veins and causes it to disappear in a few weeks without having to go through surgery.

If you are curious about this procedure and want to know more about it or want to get it done then you can visit the Northern Illinois vein Clinic. This clinic located in Rockford, Illinois, USA specializes in endovenous laser ablation treatments for people suffering from leg vein problems. They provide excellent vein care and the highest-quality customized care for each of their patients. Furthermore, they have the highest success rate in the treatment of varicose veins in their area.

What is EVLA?

This is a procedure that treats painful varicose veins by tying and removing the abnormal veins with the use of a laser. The heat of the laser kills the veins and naturally over time, the body absorbs dead tissue.

What are the symptoms of varicose veins?

EVLA is a procedure to cure varicose veins. Varicose veins can be identified by their blue-purple color and the twisted and knotted appearance. Some may only be bothered with the look of it, whereas some may have problems like itching, pain, etc.

Which patients are suitable for EVLA?

EVLA is suitable for almost all patients that suffer from varicose veins. A few of them who have already done the procedure before may be suggested other methods for their remaining small recurrent veins.

Advantages of EVLA

The following are some advantages of this procedure.

  • Non-invasive: The whole process only requires one small incision. It is much safer and non-invasive than surgery. The small incision is for the laser to be inserted inside the vein. The patient does not have to be unconscious, only local anesthesia for the small portion of the leg above the vein will be numbed.
  • Quick procedure: The entire procedure can be completed in one hour. The patient does not have to be admitted to the hospital or prepped for surgery.
  • Resume normal activities immediately: The patient is allowed to go home after the short procedure. The appearance of the veins will change in a few weeks but normal activities can be resumed without any fear.


The information provided above can be helpful for anyone suffering from this problem. Make sure you seek help from a reputed professional who has been conducting successful procedures.

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