Are Keratin Treatments Good for Your Hair and How Long Do They Last?

Keratin treatment is known as a hair smoothing process that soften the wavy and curly hair, reduces frizz and makes heat styling an easy process. Usually as long as keratin is used as the main ingredient in the hair treatment, it is called as keratin treatment which may include Brazilian Blowout, Cezanne, Keratin Complex etc. So, what’s the issue here? Such formulas don’t impact the hair in the same way. The harsher treatments like Brazilian Blowout is the most preferred method if you are looking for a smooth and straight hair. Usually these treatments mainly contain formaldehyde.

Usually formaldehyde is a substance that is risky for your health, but is ironically good for your hair to keep it straight for a longer time. And nowadays there are also formaldehyde free alternatives like Cezanne and Goldwell Kerasilk treatments, which mainly contains glycolic acid and sericin.

Experts say to not expect a straight hair result from the formaldehyde free treatments because they mostly soften your hair and elongating the texture of your hair, instead of completely straightening it.

Is it good for your hair?

It all depends on the health of your hair which further determines the formula that your hair stylist would use. Usually, you must not expect long term damage or side effects from the substance your hair stylist is using for your hair keratin treatment. Keratin treatment can ruin your hair if it is over heated by a blow dryer or a flat iron while on the process of a genuine keratin treatment, so it is essential to ensure that you consult an experienced hair stylist who is aware of all such aspects.

Experts also claim that the people with colored hair must definitely o for a consultation before undergoing the treatment. This is because every kind of hair reacts differently, but some smoothening treatments can sometimes lighten the colored hair making it look brassier. It all depends on the health and type of your hair, so consult a hair stylist and then they will plan it out for you. Everyone can get a keratin treatment, but a consultation session prior to the treatment is always a must.

How long does the treatment last?

The way you care for your keratin treated hair influences on how long the results will last, but typically it lasts for 4 months. Hence you should always shop keratin infused shampoo online. The best thing about this treatment is that the keratin washes out, it doesn’t need a grow out. In other words, you don’t have to be concerned about your roots growing to be frizzy, rather you can keep maintaining your treatment in a recommended way.

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