Can You Exercise with Breast Implants?

Many women get breast augmentation surgery to improve the shape of their breasts and enhance their appearance. Most of these women take care of their bodies and love to exercise. Breast implants help you achieve your ideal body shape, coupled with exercise you can have an outstanding figure. While breast implants generally don’t get in the way of exercise, you must consider a few factors when training.

Give it Time

A lot of women who proceed with natural breast augmentation (called เสริม หน้าอก แบบ ธรรมชาติ in Thailand) are eager to get back in the gym once their surgery has finished. We understand that some people are keen fitness enthusiasts, but you must give your body time to recover, just like you would an injury. If you return to exercise too soon, you can damage your implants. All that movement can cause them to move, making your breasts look uneven. In addition, exercising too quickly can cause your breasts to swell, get sore and become tender.


Weightlifting for recreational purposes is fine for women with breast implants, you’ll have no issues when you return to the gym after your surgery. If you are a weightlifter or bodybuilder, the type of implant you use, and position of the implant is important. There are certain placement areas that are better than others. Furthermore, saline implants seem to be more prone to damage than silicone implants. If you’re lifting heaving weights, you’ll want something this isn’t going to fail.


This is a great low impact exercise that promotes recovery and improves blood flow to the area. Within the first few days after your surgery, walking is a great way to keep fit and enhance recovery. It is important to take it slow and gradually progress as time goes by.

Contact Sports

If you play any contact sports such as hockey or football, you should avoid participating for at least 2 months. Breast implants are strong, they aren’t indestructible. Being involved in a high impact collision can damage your implants. You should wait until they are fully healed until you return to contact sports.

Strength Training

As mentioned above, doing recreational strength training and something like bodybuilding is entirely different. Bodybuilders and power lifters use extremely heavy weights that can put a lot of strain on the body. Gym enthusiasts who enjoying working out only need to avoid lifting heavy in the first few weeks – that includes lifting boxes at home or carrying kids. After the first month you can begin lower extremity training such as squats and lunges. You should wait a little longer before you start to do upper body weight training. If you lead an active lifestyle or you’re involved in competitive sports, you should consider the size of the implants you choose.

Breast implants won’t stop you from weight training, competing or any other type of physical activity. The key to success is to give your body enough time to heal, so should take your time and ease yourself back in. Carefully consider the size of your implants, bigger breasts can affect your performance during sport and exercise.

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