Cannabis 101: A Quick Overview Of Marijuana Buds And More!

More states in the US have legalized the use of both medical and recreational cannabis. No matter whether you are using marijuana for health benefits and physical conditions, or want to just enjoy the high, you need to know the basics of cannabis. If you have been thinking why marijuana buds are called flower, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

Understanding marijuana buds

Plants have genders, just like animals. The male cannabis plant produces what is called pollen, which is transferred to the female cannabis plant through a bunch of mediums. Pollination can be caused by insects, via wind, and more cannabis plant will grow as animals eat these cannabis seeds and poop all around. The female cannabis plant is known to have more of those chemical compounds called cannabinoids as compared to males. As such, the best marijuana in the market only comes from female plants. Marijuana buds are called flowers, because seeds are not allowed to form. In fact, recreational marijuana, at least the best ones, will have no seeds at all. This is also because seeds need more energy to grow from the plant, and if seeds are not allowed to grow, the plant can produce more trichromes. Not to forget, removing these seeds from the cured buds is an intensive process.

Growing marijuana buds

When it comes too growing marijuana buds, farmers take special care to ensure that seeds are not formed and males are usually kept very far from growing area. Male cannabis plants, however, are still critical for growing more plants and for genetics. If you want to order marijuana buds, just mention flower, and the vendor will know what you are looking for.

About using cannabis

Cannabis can be used in a number of ways. You can smoke and vape as usual, or can use tinctures, which can be used sublingually for immediate effects. Make sure that the cannabis product you buy is genuine and is sourced from a known and reliable seller or dispensary. If you are visiting a cannabis store for recreational marijuana, do ask about hybrids, which can offer the kind of experience and high you want. There is no harm in trying new strains, because the experience of Sativa or Indica is not for everyone, especially those who want to feel the effects of cannabis in varied ways.

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