Caring For Your Hearing Aids In Summer: Top Tips To Check!

People, who use hearing aids, are often dependent on them. Summer is the time when hearing aids are more vulnerable to damage caused by moisture and sweating, and it is wise to take a few precautionary steps. In this post, we are sharing the best maintenance tips to protecting hearing aids from sun damage and other factors during summer.

  • Allow the hearing aids to dry. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that your hearing aids are dry at all times. When you are enjoying a day out at the beach or are working out in the sun, chances are high that the product is being exposed to moisture. To keep moisture in check, just place the hearing aids in open air in a bowl at night to dry. You can find containers that are meant to store hearing aids at night, and this step just ensures that your product is safe for next day use.
  • Don’t miss on usingwater-resistant clips. If you are using hearing aids that go behind your ears, make sure that you choose the right clips. Using water-resistant just ensures that your product is dry and doesn’t get damaged from the extensive exposure to sweating, which is very likely in the summers.
  • Protect your hearing aids from extreme temperature exposure. Unless you are stepping out in the sun, ensure that your hearing aids are not exposed to direct sunlight in summers. Most products do mention users to be careful about sun exposure, and if you are trying to dry your hearing aids, allow that to happen naturally in a cool place, without using a dryer or sunlight.

  • Consider switching to antimicrobial hearing aids. Many stores do sell antimicrobial hearing aids, which are useful for reducing bacterial growth. However, if you really want to protect your product, make sure that you wipe it clean using alcohol-based wet wipes. There are also special products formulated for cleaning hearing aids. Do not ignore the consequences of bacteria growth, which is more likely to happen during summers. If you spot signs of bacteria, take the hearing aids for a cleanup.

There are professional services that can do the cleanup of hearing aids for a small price, and this is something you need to consider more frequently during summers, when sweat and moisture is more likely to cause damage. Caring for your hearing aids better will not just give better results, but you can also avoid frequent replacements.

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