Dermaplaning vs Shaping: Why Dermaplaning is a Better Hair Removal Option

If you tend to have peach fuzz on your chain or a bit of hair growing on your upper lip, dermaplaning and shaving will improve how you look. Both procedures will eliminate your unwanted hair for a certain period while leaving you with a smooth complexion. If you want to make the most of either procedure, you want to compare dermaplaning vs shaving. The treatments for shaving and dermaplaning are completely different. Dermaplaning exfoliates your skin and is performed by an expert aesthetician using a sharp surgical blade to remove your peach fuzz. The procedure efficiently scrapes off the dead skin cells on the surface, offering a much better exfoliation than shaving.

The following are the reasons dermaplaning is way better than shaving:

It Allows More Consistent Exfoliation

Dermaplaning removes the outermost layer of dead cells to reveal brighter, healthier-looking skin. Also, it removes peach fuzz to create a smoother and brighter complexion. Although shaving with a regular razor might remove some dead skin cells, it offers more inconsistent results as razors are only designed to remove thicker hair. Dermaplaning evenly exfoliates the face and reveals a more radiant skin while letting skincare products penetrate more effectively.

It is Designed with Safety in Mind

Dermaplaning tools are designed to ensure client safety. They feature a single edge blade that has a beveled plastic piece wrapped around the tip. The tip helps place the blade at the right angle on the skin, offering better results and ensuring the patient does not get hurt during the procedure. Their handle is made to help achieve short, feathery strokes that are gentler and safer on the skin that the strokes a razor can achieve. Unlike dermaplaning, shaving doesn’t offer any skin treatment benefits. Typically, it is performed every week and removes the hair; however, it can cause skin irritation and result in cuts or ingrown hairs.

It is Fast and Pain-Free

Shaving your skin can cause you to knick your skin, causing cuts that truly hurt.Regular razors usually have multiple slanted blades that tend to be duller than those found in a dermaplaning tool. And as you go over the same area with multiple duller blades, you can experience abrasions, razor burn, and skin injury. But, dermplaning is a fast and pain-free hair removal option. Because you won’t need a numbing agent, you don’t have to worry about side effects. Also, there is no risk of cuts as the procedure is done by an experienced and trained professional.

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