Few Common Mistakes Made by Marijuana Dispensary

To run a business on cannabis product is not such an easy job to do, as there may be so many different items and their constituents. Quite often certain new issues may arise that put your business into trouble.

Therefore, we have identified few common mistakes that can happen during cannabis delivery in most of the dispensary.

  • Certified security

It is very important to protect your dispensary by using different security systems which is mandatory to obtain license for this business. However, due to various budgetary constraints, many people do not use proper security.

Also, employing any untrained security staff can put your business in danger. Any certified security officer will know what he must do and maintain his cool temperament even during any stressful situations.

  • Paper check-in

Often many dispensaries miss few smaller details just by writing them on the paper clipboard, which is one of the very common mistakes in marijuana dispensary. Not only you will waste your paper but also miss certain valuable info.

It is always better to create a digital sig-in form for all prospective buyers who will enter the details and the data will remain stored in your computer.

  • Menu organization

Also, another thing that most cannabis retailer overlook is to maintain any organized product menu and they prefer to display that by writing with a chalk and display the menu. This may be convenient but it may appear very unorganized.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use a digital signage then it will look much more organized and as soon as any new inventory arrives then it will automatically display.

  • Product loss

During very high traffic situation, there is always a possibility of overlooking something by the staff of the dispensary and there can always be certain loss of product which can produce negative impact on the retailer later.

Make sure that you must check your inventory so that you can always identify your product loss and you can immediately take corrective action.

  • Compliance violation

When there are many numbers of cannabis retailers come into the scene then unfortunately number of cannabis compliance tend to be ignored by the dispensary too.

In order to stay fully compliant will need lots of diligence from dispensary owners, staff and managers as well. For committing compliance infractions may result in paying certain administrative fees or penalty fines.

Also, in few cases business license gets revoked.

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