Frequently asked questions on the addictive nature of or dependency on CBD

CBD stands for Cannabinoids. CBD is a single compound being a member of hundreds of cannabinoids present in the parental cannabis plant from which the product is extracted. You can find CBD in various products like a weed, hemp oil, capsules, and many more in different proportions. CBD will always come with a good name as it offers numerous health benefits for people who consume it regularly. However, the other constituents coming along with CBD could change the nature of the product. Dependency on CBD has become a query before usage as Marijuana is addictive. There are some deep issues in giving an answer to the likeliness of dependency to CBD and Hemp Oil products and all results will vary with the individual, addiction included. However, let us try to answer a few frequently asked queries on CBD and addiction in this article.

Is CBD non-addictive?

No one can answer this question with solid proof on hand. However, if you consider some reports coming from minor research activities, you can try to say that CBD has not been addictive to anyone as of now. Although there may be chances for it to affect in the long-term, there is not even a single person addicted to CBD to prove it to our eyes. So, we can conclude it is non-addictive as of now consider the medicinal benefits it provides.

What could be the reason for the non-addictive nature of CBD?

The parent species of CBD alone could not make it an addictive compound. There will be hundreds of constituents in every cannabis product and each of them will affect your body differently. Among them, THC could be the major reason for people to get addicted. As it will give you a mental high the next moment after consumption, your brain and body will get attracted to the product’s experience. So, it may cause alterations in your mood and make you want it more. Once you stop consuming a THC-rich product, you may get some withdrawal symptoms. However, these effects were seen mostly in people who consume Marijuana products rich in THC and not in those who consume CBD products.

Will CBD products replace addictive pain killers?

Yes. Some reports claim that the consumption of CBD-rich products itself is providing relief from severe pains and one can consider them instead of addictive pain killers.

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