Health dangers of sitting too much

At medical check up Singapore, you will be advised that when you live a sedentary life, it can end up to be quite dangerous to your health. The less lying or sitting down that you do during the day, the better the chances of living a lifestyle which is healthy.

If you move or stand around during the day, you end up lowering your risk of early death as compared to one who sits too much behind their desk. If you are living a lifestyle which is sedentary, there are high chances that you will develop type 2 diabetes, become overweight, or heart disease and experience anxiety and depression.

The effect of sedentary lifestyle on the body

Humans are designed to stand upright. Your cardiovascular and heart system work quite effective in that way. Your bowel also tends to functions in an effective way when you sit upright. It is a common practice for people who are in hospital bedridden to experience problems with the function of the bowel. When you remain physically active, your energy levels on the overall and the endurance will be able to improve and your bones will be able to maintain strength.

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