How CBDA Differs Than CBD? What Are Its Potential Health Benefits?

Cannabigerolic acid or CBGA is the mother of every cannabinoid present in hemp and marijuana plants. Each strain has unique plant enzymes, which convert CBGA into a varying combination of three main cannabinoid compounds including the THCA [Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid], CBCA [Cannabichromenic acid], and CBDA [Cannabidiolic acid]. CBDA gets converted into active CBD after thermal decarboxylation [heating]. You can say CBDA is the raw form of CBD.

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CBDA is an acidic form, which is still not popular like its descendant CBD or cannabidiol. This does not indicate that the effects of CBDA are less than CBD. CBDA works similarly to CBD but needs less dosage levels. The CBDA gets transformed into CBD through heating a small dose.

As CBDA is inactive, it needs heat but if people desire to enjoy CBDA they need to use conventional or uncommon methods of usage like tinctures, topical creams, or drink raw cannabis juice.

Potential health benefits of CBDA

Cannabinoids bond directly with CB1 or CB2 receptors but CBDA does not as it is in not pharmacologically active. CBDA interacts with ECS by slowing the COX-2 [cyclooxygenase-2] enzyme. It is connected with inflammation after infection or injury. COX-2 enzyme gets blocked by CBDA and thus you get relieved from pain and inflammation.

In a mice study, it was discovered that CBDA affected serotonin levels. Serotonin hormone is crucial for core bodily functions like sleeping, motor skills, digestion, emotions, and eating.

Stressors including chemotherapy and radiation increase the serotonin level, which causes nausea and vomit symptoms. Vomiting can be controlled but nausea is hard to control. Cancer patients feel distressed with a constant feeling of nausea and even discontinue their treatment. Scientists reported that CBDA can be used as a medication for symptoms like vomiting and nausea but there is still a need for extensive research.

CBDA is believed to be 100X more potent for 5-HT receptors than CBD. It means CBDA has higher bioavailability making it easy for the body to metabolize in less time. It means depression can be combatted efficiently without any need for using antidepressant medications.

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