How Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Useful for A Woman?

A woman’s reproductive system produces different kinds of hormones including estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen helps to release the egg during the menstrual cycle, whereas progesterone prepares the uterus for the implantation process. When women reach their 40s, they experience some changes like menopause.

At this stage, a woman will not menstruate for more than 12 months and faces a lot of problems including hot flashes, night sweat, sleeplessness, etc.

To overcome these issues and to boost the hormone levels present in the body advanced bioidentical hormone therapy provides hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It has branches at Austin, Houston, and Bryan/College Station.

The treatment involves either both estrogen-progesterone hormones (EPT) or estrogen hormone alone (ET). Sometimes a hormone called testosterone is also used in the treatment. Mostly, a woman suffering from severe menopause problems wants to undergo an HRT treatment. It can also preferred by the persons, who want to change their sexual organs.

Functions and uses

HRT helps to thicken the uterus lining so that the egg implantation becomes easy in the women’s body.

It also helps to produce calcium to strengthen the bones, maintain healthy vagina and good cholesterol levels.

It lowers heart risks and osteoporosis, a disease which reduces the quality and density of bones.

In addition to the above, it helps to progress muscle function, lowers skin aging problems as well as mortality at a young age.

Different types

Nowadays different types of HRT treatments are available to treat health problems. Based on the health condition of the patient doctors prefer the best suitable one.

Estrogen-only: A woman without womb, ovaries, or uterus, can undergo this therapy.

Sequential/ cyclical: Women who face perimenopause problems can go for this. Both progestogen and estrogen will be given for two weeks in 13 weeks or dose will be given for the last 14 days of every menstrual cycle.

Long-cycle: In this bleeding occurs once in 3 months. The safety of using this cycle is still questionable.

Continuous: In this type, a combination of both progesterone and estrogen will be given to the patient. Generally, it is used in the postmenopausal stage.

Local estrogen: It is given in the form of vaginal rings, tablets or creams. It helps to reduce vaginal irritation as well as dryness.

This therapy is very dangerous for women, who have hypertension, cancers, blood clots, etc. Before undergoing this treatment talk to your doctor and clear all your doubts. In severe menopause cases, this is the best option to make life better.

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