How to Identify Skin tags, Moles and Warts?

No doubt they are the most annoying skin health issues that most of the individuals face in their life. Moreover, they can’t be identified rightly as they all look similar. If you want to remove skin tag, wart and mole removal, you need to first know the difference among the ugly looking scars of the skin.

Skin tags:

It is tiny flap of skin mostly found where two muscles rub each other.  They are fleshy in color thus just excess part of the skin. Firstly, it will be the tinniest bump and later on visually appear as a tag. It happens due to friction of skin layers rubbing on each other continuously. Its size may range up to three centimeters. Sometimes they are more irritating, especially when they bleed. This is the time to visit a cosmetic surgeon.


They are present in multiple colors like brown, red or back. They don’t make us realize their presence by causing pain.  Even hair grows from the mole. It can penetrate deep inside the skin. The main culprit behind the occurrence of mole is skin pigmentation that is scientifically known as melanocytes. The main cause of pigment formation is genetics and the effect of sunlight. The good news is that it can take months to grow on any part of the body.


They are small rough bumps or broad patch mostly visualized on legs, hands, fingers, soles of feet, face and in genital region. No hair grows on wart appearing on the skin. They are white or pale cream in color, thus seems to be like scar as well. They are known to be penetrating inner layer of skin as well. The prominent cause is viral infection. The attack of virus known as HPV causes the appearance of warts. Wart is listed as contagious. That is the reason it can be seen on many parts of the body. To prevent it from spreading on the body, it is best to visit your nearby physician immediately.

It will be helpful not to think of removing the skin irritating issues by do it yourself methods at home. It will be best to visit a nearby cosmetic surgeon. To know more in detail about the best physician to help in removing them in Tampa, visit the link You are sure to be given the required information by their customer care official staff and even help in booking your appointment with the doctor. Hence, no worries as there are many painless safe ways to remove skin tag, moles and wart effectively by cosmetic surgeons.

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