How to Produce Bigger Vapor Clouds when Vaping

If you are a vaper, you might be wondering how to produce larger vape clouds. Some vapers can blow enormous vapor clouds while yours might be just like the smoke that comes from a steamy cup of coffee. The produced clouds are what make the vaping experience more satisfying so you will want to make sure you can produce as much clouds as you can.  In terms of blowing larger clouds, you need to learn how to produce more vapor.

Below are some tips to help you blow bigger clouds:

Increase your Vapor Production

The more vapor production you have the bigger the vape clouds you will blow. To increase the vapor creation, increase your device’s power. This will let you vaporize the vape juice at a quicker pace. Also, consider vaping with a powerful battery and a low resistance coil. This makes sub-ohm vaping popular. It includes vaping with a coil with a resistance lower than one ohm.

Moreover, try to increase airflow. Increasing the vape’s power through higher wattages or lower resistance coils will result in increased vapor temperature which makes the vape too hot.  If you increase the airflow, you will allow fresher air to come in and cools the vapor’s temperatures, which makes it comfortable to inhale. Additionally, make sure to use the right vape juice by taking advantage of the Best Vape Deals.

Master your Vaping Technique

Larger cloud production is not about the device. It has a lot to do with your technique. The right technique includes the best combination of inhaling, exhaling, and body posture. When vaping, exhale and empty your lungs completely. Then slightly lean forward and exhale again to eliminate the excess air in the lungs. Blowing the remaining air into the device without inhaling will allow the vapor to escape the air vents, increasing vapor production when you inhale through your device. Then, straighten your back upwards when you inhale to open upon your lungs and allow the entry of more vapor. Exhale normally at a steady pace while you push your jaw out slightly. This lets your throat open up to allow the vapor to escape.

Electronic juice contains a series of food-based ingredients that will expire. Thus, vape juice has a set expiry date. Any vape juice’s shelf life will depend on the kind of ingredients they have. Avoid ingredients that can change the juice’s smell, density, or thickness and color of the juice. Keep in mind that producing bigger vapor clouds and having the best vaping experience will depend on the quality of your chosen e-juice.

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