Ingrown Hair: Common Causes and Ways to Prevent Regrowth

Ingrown hairs are irritations that occur when a strand of hair tries to grow out of a follicle opening and ends up growing into the skin. If the hair grows into your skin, your body will consider it a foreign object, causing inflammation and redness while it tries to fight it off. Ingrown hairs can also cause infection or be filled with puss similar to an acne breakout. If you have been dealing with ingrown hairs and want to stop this ordeal, read on to know some important information and solutions:

Causes of Ingrown Hairs

In general, you get ingrown hairs because of the following:

  • Shaving, waxing, or tweezing. These hair removal methods leave fragments of every hair behind below the surface of the skin. Particularly, shaving risks cutting every hair off at a sharp edge, making it easier for hair to grow into the skin. Also, failing to exfoliate between hair removal methods and not shaving in the direction of hair growth can cause ingrown hairs on the face or neck for men and legs or underarms for women.
  • Wearing tight clothing. Tighter clothing will push hair back toward the skin, causing normal hairs to try to grow back into the skin because they have nowhere else to go. Usually, this causes ingrown hairs along the bikini line.
  • Having naturally curlier hair. Naturally coarse, curly hair wants to curl back and grow in on itself. This makes ingrown hair possible, risking hyper pigmentation.

Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hair Growth

If you want to get the root of the problem, you want to consider laser hair removal treatments. You can get it at Using laser technology, the treatment aims to remove hair at a deeper level as compared to shaving or waxing and tweezing. The treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light and diode laser technology to target the hair pigment in ever hair and destroy the hair follicle, causing the treated hair to fall out and preventing regrowth. You will need to complete several sessions to complete your treatment and you should not miss a session if you want faster and more efficient results.

A successful laser hair removal treatment results in a permanent reduction in hair regrowth. The treatment is the best way to end the cycle of your chronic ingrown hair. If you are interested in at-home diode laser hair removal devices, ensure to weigh both the pros and cons before you commit. It is always best to let the professionals perform the procedure for you.

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