Know the Differences Between Nursing Homes and a Rehab Center

Nursing homes are generally meant for providing various kinds of health care facilities to a patient, who needs short-term hospitalization on recommendation of any doctor.

Also, any rehab center in Florence, AL may also provide similar kind of facilities. Therefore, often choosing between a nursing home and a rehab center is a necessity that you must choose the right option.

It is therefore important that we should understand the basic difference between the two facilities.

What is offered by in-patient rehabilitation?

In case, any of your near or dear ones ever need to recover from brain injury, stroke or any kind of injuries that has affected their mobility then you may decide to admit him or her to a rehabilitation service.

Following are few facilities that you can get from an in-patient rehab center.

  • Patient will be provided accommodation
  • Length of their stay will depend upon their need
  • Patient will be provided with necessary therapies as needed by them
  • Admission to such rehab center will be based upon their illness or injuries
  • Main focus of such rehab center is to make them fit so that they can go back to their home

What is offered by a nursing home?

Also, the nursing home too provides similar care any patient suffering from certain disease or injuries. However, nursing homes usually provide very advanced kind of medical services.

Following are specialty of nursing home services:

  • Patients are admitted to nursing home based upon their specific illness
  • Here patients are provided with a bed and nursed for their treatment and also get help for taking their food, bathing etc.
  • All the services are usually provided by skilled nurses and therapists to cure the patient.

What are the benefits of getting skilled nursing service?

Usually, following are the benefits of admitting to a nursing home:

  • Healthcare services

Patient’s condition is monitored on 24-hour basis and necessary nursing and medical help is provided based on the patients need.

  • Physical activity

If the patient has become immobile then necessary physical exercises are performed under a doctor’s care.

  • Social and also spiritual health

During the treatment it is also important to provide socialization to improve the quality of the life of the patient which is also provided here.

  • Diet and nutrition

Proper care about diet and nutrition is taken care while patient is in the nursing home.

Thus, rehab centers are meant for taking general care of the patient while in the nursing home special care is taken under the supervision of the doctor based on specific ailment.

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