Know the Facts of Arm Lift Surgery Before Undergoing the Procedure

The skin under your arms will become non-elastic due to aging or some other factors. Sometimes you cannot treat this problem with diet or exercise, at that time you have to take help of medical procedures. The process of removing extra fat or skin is known as arm lift or brachioplasty.

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Arm lift procedure

As you age, your skin becomes loose and builds bags under your arms and other body parts. Also, people with major weight changes or weight loss will face the problem.

Before starting the process, the surgeon marks the sagging area from your elbow to armpits. The marked area will be removed later. The area length differs from patient to patient based on the sagging of skin. Surgeon reshapes and tightens the tissues with inner sutures.

General anesthesia will be given to you and the procedure will last for 2 to 3 hours. You cannot drink or eat anything for 12 hours before the process begins.

While conducting the surgery, doctor removes extra fat and layer of skin from the back side of your arm. In case there is more skin, then surgeon removes the skin from top area of arm and armpit. After the procedure, you need to wear a compression garment that helps to control swelling.

Combining arm-lift and liposuction

Sometimes, non-invasive treatment liposuction is also combined with the procedure based on the extra skin present in the area. This means, if the patient wants to remove the fat deposits, then liposuction will be performed along with arm-lift.

In this process, fat deposits present between muscle and skin will be removed by using a suction pump or syringe. Liposuction alone will not give you better results because excess skin still remains in the area.

Scars and stitches

During the surgery, the incisions will be closed with stitches. Basically, stitches are two kinds dissolvable stitches will melt on its own after sometime whereas the other type of stitches, doctor has to remove them after a particular time. In this procedure, incisions will be positioned at the bottom of the area, so the scars are not visible.

While consulting a surgeon provide complete health history including food, drinking, and smoking habits. This helps the doctor to suggest a right procedure for you. After the procedure, take enough rest to avoid future health issues.

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