Kratom Guide For Beginners – Different Ways To Administer Kratom Powder

Kratom originates from Southeast Asian countries and comes from the family of coffee tree. The leaves extracted from Kratom have been used as a traditional medicine by the natives since ages especially due to its stimulant and sedative effects. People used to remove the central vein and chew fresh leaves or powder dried leaves and swallow it along with water.

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Consuming kratom in the powder form is an easy form of administration. Currently powdered kratom strains are available across many western countries. If you are looking for best kratom vendors, check out the website of In Sense Botanicals. They are one of the leading kratom vendors with their base at Canada.

They offer a wide selection of high-quality kratom strains with each of the products subject to intensive testing. If you have doubts regarding which kratom would work for you, contact their customer support team.

Ways to consume kratom powder:

  • Toss and Wash: Take the required dosage in a glass, swill the powder in your mouth after taking a gulp of water and swallow it. You can use a teaspoon to consume the powder.
  • Kratom paste: Take kratom powder in an empty glass. Add a small quantity of water and make it into a thick paste. Take another glass with water. Use a spoon to scoop the paste and gulp it down along with a large sip of water. Repeat this until you complete the entire dose.

  • Kratom tea: Add kratom powder to water and boil it for half an hour. Let it sit for few minutes before straining off the water. Some find this method to yield more effective results. The only downside is the preparation time though.
  • With yoghurt: To mask the flavor of yoghurt, you can take it with flavored yoghurt. Some avoid this method as you can expect better results when you consume kratom in an empty stomach.
  • Chocolate shakes: Add your kratom dose to 1 or 2 tablespoons chocolate milk and mix them well together until they form a homogenous paste. Fill the glass with chocolate milk, stir again until there are no lumps and drink it.

The kratom effects can be seen in less than 30 minutes (when consumed in an empty stomach) and can be felt up to 6 hours. Expect to see effects in 60 to 90 minutes if you have already consumed food. Make sure not to exceed 10mgs of kratom per dose. Take kratom responsibly to avoid dependency.

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