LASEK and PRK and what they are all about

Individual eye surgeons are known to specialize in certain types of laser eye procedures and that is what the professionals at relex smile Singapore do. The difference which exists among them are very minor and none which are better than the other. Depending on the circumstances which you are at and the circumstances, you might consider:

  • PRK – Photorefractive keratectomy: When it comes to the PRK, instead of having to form a flap, the epithelium, which is the top surface, gets scraped away.  The corneal abrasion takes about four days to get healed, which results in certain moderate pain and vision that is blurred for a while. It is believed that the drawbacks are outweighed by the advantages that the PRK tends to be safer for those who are more likely to get struck in the eye.
  • LASEK Laser assisted subepithelial keratectomy: The LASEK is almost the same as the LASIK surgery, but the flap is normally created by use of a special device for cutting – the microkeratome and the cornea is then exposed to the ethanol. The procedure is one which allows the surgeon to ensure that less cornea is removed, thus a good option for those who have corneas which are thin.
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