Learning Simple Facts About Cannabis Concentrates!

Today, there is no dearth of cannabis products in the US market. More than half of the states have approved medical marijuana, and around 11 states have approved recreational cannabis use. Besides flowers, you can now go for cannabis concentrates, which offer a more enhanced and superior “high”. In this post, we are discussing the basic details about concentrates.

Knowing cannabis first

If you are really keen on knowing about concentrates, you need to first understand cannabis and its contents. Cannabis contains around 113 compounds called cannabinoids, which interact with the endocannabinoid system in our body. Of all compounds, THC and CBD are known for their effects, and THC is the only psychoactive compound in cannabis. Cannabis also contains terpenes, which are responsible for aroma and flavor, and there are more than 100 terpenes in cannabis. Then there are trichomes, where terpenes and cannabinoids are found. You will find trichomes on the buds, and these look like white crystalized hair.

Coming to concentrates

Concentrates basically separate these components of cannabis, so you get products that are high on selected cannabinoids, particularly THC. Known dispensaries like OG Medicinals have all kinds of concentrates – shatter, wax, budder, live resin and more, each one known for its consistency and how it is produced. It takes a lot more effort to produce concentrates than just drying and curing flowers, which is the precise reason why concentrates are expensive. However, you don’t need a lot to experience the cannabis effect with concentrates. Note that some concentrates, such as live resin, are known for full plant matter, so the presence of terpenes is highly desired. Live resin is produced in a way that the flavor and aroma of the strain are retained.

How are concentrates consumed?

More common, seasoned users prefer to use what is known as a dab rig to use concentrates, and this process is known as dabbing. You will find detailed guides on consuming concentrates¸ but make sure that you follow the basic norms of dabbing.

Other things to know

Cannabis works differently for everyone, and in case of concentrates¸ you have to be a tad more careful, because of the high THC content. It doesn’t take a lot to get “high”, and therefore, a low dosage is the best way to start. Keep in mind that the potency, type and strain determine the effects of a concentrate. Always go for a dispensary that can offer information on the concentrates they sell.

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