Picosure Laser Singapore: Leading Picosecond Laser Treatment

Picosure laser

The Picosure laser Singapore treats Acne scars, pigmentation, and removal of the color tattoo. It protects the skin from thermal damage.

It delivers laser pulses in picoseconds and manages the treatment. The laser targets the chromophore with a clearance using treatments with less energy.

Benefits of Picosure laser

  • It provides a solution for pigmentation by using photothermal energy for shattering the pigments. The laser destroys the pigments by using short pulses for treating issues like sunspots, melasma, and freckles.
  • A Picosure laser is the best tool for color tattoo removal. It can shatter the ink particles of the tattoo.
  • By delivering the laser pulse shorter than ten times in duration is efficient as each pulse stays in the skin for
  • Short time duration and generates less heat than causes less damage to the skin tissue.

Doctor’s advice

The Picosure laser reaches the dermis layer. It then helps to improve the acne scars by forming new elastin and collagen production. It targets the blood vessels and melanin selectively. The laser does not hurt the skin from the thermal damage. By combining different lasers with Picosure targets various layers in the skin and helps to achieve positive results.

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