The Advent Of Supplements To Treat UTI

If you are experiencing a sort of pain, burning, and discomfort while passing urine and the color is pale yellow and that too with a foul smell, then it is clear that you are suffering from urinary tract infection. The first thing you should do is consult a doctor immediately for getting the right kind of treatment. If left untreated, it can infect your kidneys. One should not ignore urinary tract health and treat it in its preliminary stage otherwise it will lead to the rise of various other health problems. Although several antibiotics are prescribed by the doctors to treat UTI, there are different supplements in place which can be helpful to get rid of it completely. 

It has been observed that many supplements and home remedies are taken into consideration across the world for the treatment and prevention of UTI.

Benefits of some of the useful supplements have been provided here for your ready reference: 

  • Cranberry is a fruit which is helpful in the treatment of UTI. The more cranberries you consume, the more it helps to prevent UTI. This fruit is rich in a chemical known as proanthocyanidin. You can take cranberries either in the form of a juice or supplements with its extract.
  • As per one of the research studies, hibiscus is used for the treatment of UTI and basically reduces inflammation. It is helpful in removing infection, though it is not backed by any scientific evidence.
  • Vitamin C works on the acidity of the urine which helps in killing the bacteria and germs which causes infection.
  • As per doctors, probiotics play a very important role in the prevention of UTI especially the ones that comprise lactobacillus.
  • D-mannose is a type of sugar that is useful for those who are prone to chronic UTIs. D-mannose prevents the bacteria from coming into the contact of the bacteria which can cause infection in the bladder.

  • Women can put a check on UTIs by taking a particular combination of the dandelion root along with certain leaf extracts of herbs named uva ursi orally. This combination is very effective in killing bacteria and increasing urine flow.


To prevent UTIs, drink plenty of water and relieve yourself more frequently. By doing this you keep yourself hydrated and flush bacteria out through bladder and urinary tract, preventing bacteria to set in and multiply which leads to UTI.

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