The Processes Involved in Making a Cannabis Distillate

Cannabinoids can be processed or distilled to create a concentrate from plant matter.  It then becomes a cannabis distillate. The cannabis extract produced from the production technique has a pure molecular level.

Cannabis distillation allows extracts to grow in popularity as it can create a tasteless, odorless, 99% pure THC concentrate. Such extracts have significant medicinal and recreational potential. Because of the lack of flavor, taste, or aroma, cannabis users can consume a cannabis distillate in nearly any form. The distillate is a base ingredient in a lot of edibles and vapor cartridges. It is available on the market as THC il and CBD oil for medicinal purposes.

Before cannabis distillates are made, marijuana extracts need to go through winterization and decarboxylation. The distillation process begins with extraction, where the cannabinoids are separated from the marijuana plant. Unlike the wax, hash, and shatter methods used for other concentrates, cannabis distillation uses a natural physical way to separate and refine the molecules. The process includes the following steps:

Crude Extraction

When separated, the distillation process uses heat for vaporizing cannabinoids, removing the chlorophyll and plant matter from the cannabinoids. A distillation cooling system gathers the pure cannabinoid vapor to make a clean, solvent-free concentrate liquid.


When the cannabis extract has been collected, it is passed through the purification process to eliminate any unwanted byproducts such as plant waxes, contaminants, fats, and lipids. This is performed in a freezing environment. The pure extract is mixed with ethanol and placed in a cold environment for a day or two. The impurities solidify and fall to the bottom of the container. Then, the crude extract goes through a filtration system to eliminate the ethanol and restore the extract in its pure form. Because the extract is still in its acidic form, it is still not very potent.


This process eliminates the carboxylic acid from the chemical compound through heat application. It is performed so the THC acid will interact with the human body effectively. Such a process increases the temperature of the extract to activate the cannabinoids and eliminate the carboxylic acid. Then, the THC and CBD concentrates can bind to the nervous system receptors to offer medicinal and recreational benefits.


This process uses vacuum pressure, heat, and evaporation to separate terpenes and cannabinoids. The extracts are ready for consumption after this step. CBD extracts that go through this process are called broad-spectrum.

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