The True Power Of Cannabis: A Basic Guide To THC Capsules

More than 33 states in the United States have legalized cannabis for medical use. In as many as 11 states, recreational marijuana is legal too. It is, therefore, not very astonishing that the range of cannabis products has exploded massively in recent years. Even a few years back, most users preferred smoking marijuana, and while that’s still the popular choice, many new cannabis products and concentrates have entered the market. THC capsules are one of them. In this post, we are discussing all you need to know about THC capsules.

Understanding cannabis and THC

A lot of people still don’t know much about how cannabis works. Cannabis contains a bunch of plant compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system of the human body to produce effects. Of all cannabinoids, only one – THC – is capable of producing the ‘high’ that marijuana is known for. Expectedly, THC is more desirable to many users, and there are THC concentrates that offer a perfect dose of the compound, as needed. Shatter, THC capsules, wax and edibles are some options.

What exactly are THC capsules?

Also called THC pills, THC capsules contain nothing but THC in a very concentrated form. Note that THC is not soluble in water, so the capsule usually contains some oil, typically vegetable, which makes it easy to digest. THC capsules are highly potent and are best used with care.

What are the benefits of THC capsules?

For those who want nothing from cannabis but THC, this is the best choice for them. Many users are also apprehensive about smoking and vaping, and for them, these THC capsules are pretty easy and safe to use. The effects of THC capsules also tend to be more powerful, and if you want to be discreet about using cannabis, these pills are a good choice. Also, you don’t need to know how to smoke cannabis for using these THC capsules. You can also choose to be very precise with your dosage, or how much THC you consume at a time.

Are there any disadvantages?

Like edibles, THC capsules must be processed in the liver and digested to take effect, so when compared to smoking, these pills may take longer to act. For some patients, the wait period may not be desirable.

Final word

If you want to try THC capsules, we have two tips. First, get your product from a dispensary you can rely on, and secondly, go easy with the dosage.

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