Treat Sleep Aponea – Know the Link Between Sleep Aponea And Mattress Comfort

Adequate and proper sleep is essential to maintain a healthy life. Otherwise, it may lead to many health problems that may become worse in future. One of the common types of sleep disorder that many people are experiencing these days is sleep apnoea.

What is sleep apnoea?

It is the serious and undiagnosed sleeping disorder that is caused when soft tissues of tongue and throat get collapse and blocks the airways temporarily while sleeping. With this, the person has to rouse repeatedly to catch breath because of low oxygen level. As the pattern repeats during the night and makes it difficult to maintain adequate sleeping habit.

Everything including on what you sleep, how you sleep will have an impact on the sleeping disorder. Experts suggest that sleeping on a side helps to reduce the chance of obstructed breathing during night. So, purchase a mattress that you can sleep comfortably on one of your sides during night.

A good mattress also plays a crucial role in reducing sleep aponea, so sleep apnea and mattresses both are interconnected. For the best hybrid mattresses, you can check out the Mattresses360 website. These hybrid mattresses provide the best support and comfort to improve your sleep quality.

Loud snoring, excessive sleepiness at daytime, waking up often with headache or dry mouth is the symptoms of sleep apnoea. If it is left untreated, then it may cause other health problems including liver problem, high BP, diabetes (particularly type 2), and heart diseases.

Opt for firm mattresses

Choose mattresses that are medium-firm or firm, if the mattress is too firm you can’t sleep on one of your side. Even, sagging or soft mattresses may affect your sleep quality. For example, a wrong spinal alignment makes you turn and toss and finally you may end up in supine position.

Get support and comfort from mattresses

Right mattresses provide good support for your shoulders and lower back. Also, it prevents back pain and gives good sleep at night. You can try a memory foam mattress as it provides cushioning to your body.

Opt for adjustable base

If purchase a mattress that works with adjustable bases, you can adjust your body position by adjusting it to your body level. With this, you can have a restful sleep.

There are many mattresses with several features, purchase a mattress that fits to the shape of your body to avoid health problems. You can even take advice from your physician in choosing the right mattress based on your problem.

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