Vaping Guide 101: All You Wanted To Know About Trying Nicotine Salts

The range of vaping products is constantly expanding. Earlier, vaping items were pretty basic, with smaller batteries and simplified pods. Even in vaping juices, there were only a few choices. Among the new-age products are nicotine salts, also called simply as nic salts. What are nic salts? What to expect from the experience? How to vape nic salts? In this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects in detail.

Knowing nicotine salts

For the uninitiated, nicotine salts are made by binding nicotine to an acid, such as Benzoic acid. Benzoic acid is typically used because it allows nicotine to be vaped at lower temperatures, so you can expect to get a better throat hit, and your body can process nicotine easily. One of the prime reasons why nicotine salts are so popular is the experience, which is quite close to what you get with tobacco products. Most of the vaping juices contain freebase nicotine, which is suspended in a solution, containing either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, or sometimes, a mix of both. However, freebase nicotine has the disadvantage of causing hard throat hit, which is not desirable to many users. That’s where nic salts come off as a much-improved alternative.

Why consider nicotine salts?

Well, if you want the real experience of tobacco with vaping, nicotine salts are you best bet. The hit on the throat feels smoother, and since the tobacco is vaporized at a lower temperature, you can get nicotine in your bloodstream sooner.

How to use nicotine salts?

You can use nicotine salts with simple vaping systems, just like other vaping juices. You can even use nicotine salts in devices that are not so powerful or advanced. All you need to check is whether the nicotine salt will work with the device.

Pros and cons explained

As obvious it can get, nicotine salts contain more nicotine, and the overall experience and throat hit are much smoother. Because clouds are not apparent with nicotine salts, you can consider using your vaping device discreetly, without letting others know. On the flip side, don’t expect the same kind of clouds with nicotine salts as with products that contain freebase nicotine. It comes down to what you prefer best for your needs.

Final word

If you have been looking for better vaping juices, you should definitely consider trying nicotine salts. Yes, nic salts can be expensive when compared to basic freebase nicotine juices, but that extra is worth paying for.

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