Visiting A Clinic For Breast Augmentation In Houston: Things To Know!

If you don’t have fuller, shapely breasts, it may impact your self-esteem and confidence. With cosmetic surgery and procedures, it is possible to reshape and change the look of your breasts. In recent years, more women have opted for breast augmentation in Houston, while doctors may recommend the procedure to women who have lost breasts because or mastectomy, or volume because of weight loss or pregnancy. Your first visit to a breast specialist in Houston is critical, because you get to ask questions and discuss further on whether this is an ideal option for you in the first place. There are many clinics that offer breast augmentation in Houston, and for your help, here are some quick facts worth knowing.

How does breast augmentation work?

Your doctor will help you decide if the procedure is right for you, and he is also expected to explain about the kinds of implants that can be considered. The two common implants used in breast augmentation include saline & silicone implants. Both have a few pros and cons that must be considered. Keep in mind that with any kind of surgery, there are a few risks, which can be managed and minimized considerably under the supervision of a known and experience surgeon. When you look for breast augmentation in Houston, find a clinic that is transparent in its offerings and has good reviews.

Comparing silicone and saline implants

Saline implants can be considered by women aged 18 and above. The implants are made of silicone and filled with saline water, and the solution can be adjusted to get the desired shape, size and volume of breasts. Saline implants have one disadvantage – leakage & rupturing, which again doesn’t have a lot of risks, considering that sterile saline water is used. Silicon implants are best suited for women over the age of 22 and is considered to be similar to breast tissues, so the effect and results are better. Silicone plants need to be monitored on a regular basis, so as to keep a check on ruptures. Your doctor will recommend yearly MRIs.

Before you go for breast augmentation, always consider the various aspects and bear the possible outcomes in mind. Your doctor will help you set realistic goals about the surgery, and you can also discuss other concerns that may impact your surgery. This is an elective surgery, so costs are not covered under insurance.

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